Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Out and About

         Some days you just find yourself in curious conversations. First, I went to a lab to have standard testing. The lab tech drawing my blood noticed how pale I am (oh please—you may have read about that here). She said I should wait a bit before getting up and leaving. Presumably we could wait until the next ice age, if she’s waiting for me to suddenly flush with a golden tan.

          “I don’t want to find you passed out on the bathroom floor,” she said.

          “Well,” I smiled, “I want this even less than you do.” Kinda wanted to say, “It’s all about you again, isn’t it?” but didn’t know if she’d get my joke.

          From there I went to a thrift shop where the cashier guy made a mistake and said he hoped he wouldn’t get fired for it.

          “I’m sure they wouldn’t fire you for that,” I said.

          “Yeah, but I already have two strikes against me for not being able to keep my mouth shut.”

          Ah, well, this could be a learning experience, couldn’t it?

          “Time to start looking for another job,” the fellow continued.

 I wanted to be helpful, but all I could think of was this guy dressed as a mime.

          What other jobs could someone have, who can’t keep their mouth shut? He got me thinking. Here’s the list I’ve compiled in case you know anyone else in that category: Shepherd, 

Night Custodian, Long-distance Truck Driver, Beekeeper, Fire Tower Watcher, Computer coder, Dog Walker, Gardener, Welder. 

And then it hit me: Blogger. Wait, there’s one more: Lab tech!

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