Tuesday, July 19, 2022

AutoCorrect Strikes Again

           First of all, what is the opposite of correct?  It’s wrong. Right? So we should really call this AutoWrong.  At any rate, the real news is that it has now infected our speech and hearing.

          Last week I was hiking with Nicole and we came to a beautiful bend in the creek.                                    

          “It would be so great to have waiters,” she said.

          “Oh, no kidding,” I agreed. “We could sit here in lounge chairs and they could take our orders, and then bring us some cool lemona--”

          And then I saw her trying not to laugh.

          “Oh,” I said. “You meant waders, didn’t you?”

          Okay, that would be cool also. Not as cool as waiters, of course, but then few things are.

          However, you can easily read one of my books while waiting for said waiters.  Several, if you’re waiting for waders.

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