Tuesday, July 5, 2022

In the Waiting Room with St. Bob

            Literally anywhere can be entertaining if you have St. Bob with you. For example, one of our sons had a medical procedure last week, so Bob and I found a couple of chairs to sit in, while we waited.

          A TV was hanging on the wall before us, and Bob immediately pointed out the “NO FOOD OR DRINK” sign.  Then the soda machine just to the left.

         Next he popped into the restroom, where he snapped this photo:

          Looks normal, right? Environmental Services had posted it. Then St. Bob told me to zoom in.  He had scribbled in a couple of extra letters:


          Next he stepped casually up to the television and disobeyed the other "Please do not touch the television" sign.

          It’s not easy traveling about with a bored 6-year-old.

I recommend bringing along one of my books!

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