Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Sticking My Neck Out

        Last week I treated you to my latest disaster, getting completely buried by posters that leapt from their rack in a craft store. This week I’m going to show you why I wanted one in the first place.

          I decided I needed a background so I could display my Primary Bandlo. My WHAT?  Yes, folks, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, little kids used to earn awards and rhinestones that could be attached to a felt “Bandlo” (sometimes spelled Bandelo) we’d wear around our necks. Kind of like Scouting badges.  And we did this in the children’s program, called Primary.

          I recently found mine (it hadn’t fossilized—yay!) and decided to put it in a shadow box. What memories it holds--  We got awards for reading and memorizing scriptures, keeping our health guidelines, praying, serving gladly, being a light in our home, singing, attendance, cross-stitching, knitting, and crocheting (just like in Pioneer times). 

          I remember knitting a pair of slippers, the loops of yarn so snug on my needles that they squeaked when I tried to slide them. My stitches were pulled so tightly that the slippers felt like, well, felt. I was definitely not going to become a knitter.  

          My cross-stitch pillow still has the gray, smudgy spot where I tried to erase my pencil marks. 

          And my crocheted rug and hanger covers never quite laid flat. But boy, I knocked out whatever it took to get those rhinestones, Baby!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022


           I was in JoAnn’s Fabrics trying to buy a poster. Easy enough, right?

          Wrong. See the rack? See all the stacks of paper? Well, they can simultaneously decide to come tumbling out, just like snow on the face of a mountain.

          I pulled ONE poster and dozens of them—in all colors-- came pouring over me, knocking me down and causing me to scramble about trying to collect them all, stack them right, and re-insert them into the rack.

          Did any employee or customer rush to my rescue? No. I was left to my own diminishing wits, trying to restore order and line up corners.

          Have you ever seen a juggler trying to juggle posters or even papers? No, you have not. This is because, like live birds, they take wing and fly all over the place. It’s total bedlam.

          In my valiant efforts I even managed to pull a muscle in my back. Finally I got home, but could I get that muscle rubbed by St. Bob? No, because just the previous day I had a mole removed in the EXACT SAME SPOT, so there was an incision and stitches right above my pulled muscle.

          It’s like the posters knew.

          Next week I’ll show you why I needed a poster. Meanwhile, check out my Youtube Mom videos here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

My Second Childhood

         Let’s start with the truth: You can’t have a second childhood if you’re still having your first one. And I have never, truly, grown up. Every week I still play with the absolutely adorable little girl who lives across the street. And her younger brother. I’ve been doing this for four years. My worry is that she will turn 10, then 15, then 20, and I’ll still be five.

          Our latest exciting discovery is that fairies have built an entire village under a tree in my back yard! 

          They’ve also installed a door by my fireplace, and have left fairy dust beside it. When you open it, it says, “Faeries Only” and there’s a tiny handprint that my 7-year-old Bestie says must be where you put your hand to gain entrance. 


           They’ve built another door on my front porch that exactly matches the color of my front door! This one doesn’t open but we are hunting for a key, or other clues about how to get it to open. 

          We keep watching to catch a glimpse of them, and we listen carefully as well. We know they don’t show up in photos, so that eliminates the chance of them getting caught on camera.   But one of these days we’ll see them gardening, flying through the treetops, or walking across the little bridge. We just know it.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Beyond the Pale

           Maybe it’s because I’m adopted, but I find genetics fascinating. Someone with brown eyes could have kids with any eye color.  Brown is dominant, and it can conceal lots of fun surprises.

          I, on the other hand, have all recessive traits. This means I can only contribute pale, pasty skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair to my children. My tallness is also recessive (though many genes account for our height).

          When you get two light-skinned, light-haired, light-eyed people together, you get kids like that as well. A blond person can’t hide genes for dark hair or dark skin.

          And this is why our third son, the palest of the bunch, came home from school one day with news that his teacher thinks he’s unwell. “You look so pale,” she said. “Do you feel all right?” It wasn’t the first time someone had commented on his light complexion. 

I sighed. “Just tell her you’re Scandinavian,” I said. “And there’s every chance you’ll show up Scandinavian again tomorrow.”  Here he is, all grown up:

We Casper-the-Ghosts often sneeze when going outdoors into bright sunlight (photophobia) and blue-eyed baseball players blame it for different batting averages at night versus in daytime. We’re also more prone to sunburns and skin cancer, which St. Bob and I have both had.

One Halloween I thought I’d be really funny and go as a tan. I slathered on dark makeup and went to a party. All night the only comment I got was, “Wow, you look really healthy!”  

          Ah yes, we all love that moment when your Halloween costume looks better than the real you.

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