Tuesday, November 28, 2023

I Should Be a Detective

           The other day we were walking through the grounds of the Sacramento LDS Temple. Sometimes you'll see deer here, and nearly always some turkeys. Suddenly St. Bob stopped. “Look at this footprint. Do you think it’s a mountain lion?”

          Uh-oh.  Yep, I did think that. It was fresh, too. He snapped a photo of it with his sunglasses for scale.

          Now, you may think I don’t know my cougars, but I grew up in Utah and everyone in Utah knows several people’s cougar stories. I even blogged about my favorite one here.

          The other possibility is that it’s a dog footprint. However, that would be a pretty gigantic dog, and what would one be doing at the temple? So I looked up the footprints.

          Dogs leave nail prints; this one had none. Cougars have a dip on the top of their heel pad, and this sort of has that.  

          Wouldn’t you know this one was smeared a bit. Maybe the animal slipped. OR IT'S A SPY, AND TWISTS ITS FOOTPRINTS ON PURPOSE.

          But I’m going with mountain lion because there wasn't one turkey in sight, and also, they used to have a sign there like this:

          And replaced it with one like this: 

          Either way, we got back in the car and took off. 

          And that’s a lucky thing, because now I can continue making Youtube Mom life hack videos for you.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Thankful for Fairies


         You all know that I have a fairy garden that wraps around a tree in my back yard. BUT… did you know they celebrate Thanksgiving? 

           Oh yes. I’ve seen the table they’ve laid out for a feast! They use acorn tops for cups, and little round “plates” of wood. They even have wee chairs!  

      I can only imagine the tiny food they’ll serve this Thursday. One of them left her eyeglasses in the hobbit house doorway, so I hope she finds them.

I’m so glad they decided to move into my yard!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Is That Really You?

        Yes, that was me you saw on the sidewalk, in socks, pajama bottoms, and a mis-matched top.

          I was getting ready to paint, and we all know you wear grubbies to do that, right?

            Suddenly I got a message from my doctor asking if I was there yet. YIKES!  I had cancelled the appointment, but then reinstated it, and forgot to fix my calendar. And I hate to be late.

          I leapt into the car and headed to the medical office. I didn’t have time to pull off my woolly socks and put shoes on. These clothes approximate what I wore:




Here is the picture of my bra:


          Aha! There isn’t one, because I wasn’t wearing one.

          Other people were in the elevator as I headed up to the office. They looked at my chest and my feet. I looked at the floor.

          In the waiting room there were several women staring, so I finally said, “Hey, if this isn’t proof that I no longer care about other people’s opinions, then nothing is.”

          They chuckled, and one of them told me she wore a pajama top to a restaurant once, and a lady complimented her on her pretty blouse.

A nurse called my name. “Cute pants,” she said. “You look like a teenager.”

And now I think we both know a new fashion trend is afoot.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Never Stop Imagining

          I've done it—I’ve created a Narnia-style entrance to the magical Christmas bedroom First we measured to see how large a cabinet or armoire we needed. Then we began looking. Months later, after gasping at prices, we found a tall, used wardrobe online that was not only the perfect size, but whimsical as well:

          St. Bob took the back off, removed the shelves, then tried to dolly it about, getting thrown into the bushes as you read here

          But with the help of three of our five amazing pretend grandchildren across the street (strapping teens) we got it upstairs and Bob fastened it to the wall.

           Next we gave it twig-shaped handles,  

  then hung some clothes to camouflage the surprise. 

 You push the clothes aside, and this is the final result:

          When you’re not going through secret passageways into Christmas Land, 

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