Friday, April 11, 2014


            First a tornado, now a mountain lion.  Clearly my quiet little suburb of Sacramento is trying to make a name for itself.
            Yes, there have been multiple mountain lion sightings recently, so much so that a wildlife expert went on the news to tell folks not to run away, since mountain lions like to attack from behind.  Better jog at home on a treadmill, too. 
  Now, I realize not everyone has a good mountain lion story, but I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, where we call them Cougars, so I do.  And here it is.
It begins with a vegetable garden.  As many of you know, deer love to nibble on our veggies and flowers.  Like cartoon termites mowing down a wooden house, deer can make quick work of your toil and sweat.   
So a friend of mine did some research about how to repel deer and discovered there’s a fertilizer made from the droppings of tigers, which should do the job nicely.  So he petitioned the local zoo for something they were only too glad to hand over, and spread it all around his lettuce and corn.  Voila!  It worked.  So he spread it around his flower beds as well.  Now he no longer had deer.
He had cougars.
Yep, just as the deer smelled a big cat and took off for the hills, so the mountain lions smelled a close relative and thought they’d check it out.  So, if you live in Rocklin and you enjoy gardening, you might want to check the labels on your soil additives.  Maybe just stick with earthworms.
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