Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Pretend Vacations

            I have never been to Ireland.  This sad fact comes home to roost every Spring as I notice the greening up of the many hills here in northern California.  The rest of the year they dry up and pose wildfire hazards, but in this particular season they look like waves of moss, as soft and welcoming as Killarney or Cork. At least the Killarney and Cork I imagine.
            And so, sans a vacation, I make believe I’m in Ireland.  St. Bob and I recently drove to San Jose (that’s a “yes” to the song, Do You Know the Way to San Jose?) and I suggested we pretend we’re actually on the Emerald Isle.
            “Gee, there seem to be a lot of American cars here,” Bob said.  “Also, we’re on the wrong side of the road.”
            Okay, Party Pooper.   I tried out my Irish accent (unsuccessfully), and  pointed out places where wee little fairies, silkies, and cluricauns could hide.  Ireland has, after all, many more fanciful creatures than just leprechauns.  Here are some actual photos of Irish scenery, so you can compare them to what’s known as “the Bay Area” here.
             See?  Not so different, right?  We even have our own Dublin to round out the fantasy:
            When we got home I still didn’t feel I’d had a proper getaway, so my next plan is to pretend I’ve gone scuba diving in some exotic location.  Luckily, my Gerber Daisies look like sea anemones if you zoom in close enough:
            And succulents like these can easily be mistaken for coral: 


Best of all, there are no sharks or barracudas to watch for.   Not that I’m willing to forgo real trips, should one arise.  But these will do in a pinch.
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