Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Polly Wanna Crackpot?

         Some time ago I had two uncles who were at war.  They loved each other, make no mistake. But each was fiercely devoted to rival universities, and would gloat with glee when their own team won, just to antagonize his brother.

          The competition escalated. Finally Uncle Bill sneaked over to Uncle Frank’s house and taught Uncle Frank’s cockatiel the fight song of the “enemy” college. Needless to say, that bird joyously trilled these lyrics for the rest of its life.  Touche, Uncle Bill.

          So I’m wondering. If I had a parrot, let’s say, what would he learn at my house? What do I say so often that it would imbed itself in a literal bird brain and get repeated to visitors?  What would a parrot say in your house?

          My first guess is how I greet the dog every time I walk into the house and she goes wild. I mimic what I think would be her person voice, and I say, “My Mommy’s home! I’m not an orphan doggie—my family’s alive!”

          Or it might say, “Why did I come in here?” or “Where are my sunglasses?”  Or, “Look at this cute idea!”

But, more than likely it will mutter what Bob says would be the perfect name for my cooking show: “Oh, it’ll be fine.”

What would your parrot repeat? Hopefully you’ll watch so many of my Youtube Mom videos that it will mimic me!

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