Tuesday, February 23, 2021

My Guinness World Record

           I know, it’s quite a claim to fame. Being the most anything is a goal for many, but I never thought I’d join their ranks.

          And I never wanted to. Not for this. It simply happened. And now St. Bob wants to contact the Guinness folks to make it official.

          I have had hot flashes for 26 years. Yep. Most women have them for 6 months to two years.

So how did this happen? Back in my 30s my OB gave me a shot of something that messed with my hormones, and whammo—I became a steaming volcano. 

THEN after breast cancer I began taking an estrogen blocker and ta-da!  Looks like I’ll be warming the planet for decades to come.

          You know how some people have reading glasses in every room? I have hand-held fans.

          I even blogged about these crazy personal heat waves here. I told St. Bob he’d have to contact all my doctors over the years, and get documentation  to send to the Guinness people. I can only imagine how those conversations would go.

          Meanwhile, I can rent myself out for people having power outages who have no heat. Much cheaper than a generator, folks.

Speaking of power outages, watch my Youtube Mom video here, about how to make your own emergency heater.

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