Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Shot Not Heard Around the World

           It started as a scavenger hunt. St. Bob called all different places, trying to get the COVID vaccine. Everything was booked up solid, except for one lab an hour away.  “I’ll take it,” he said.

          And we decided to make it a date, an adventure. The day rolled around, we set our alarms, and the road trip began. 

          Except when we got there, they weren’t giving vaccines. “You should have gotten a call,” one woman said.  Ah, the world of shoulds.  But alas, there was no call or text.

“We’ve seen this before,” whispered the temperature checker at the doorway.  Marvelous. So now we have people driving all over town, uselessly trying to get vaccinated.

We were able to get it rescheduled, but then they called and cancelled that appointment as well. Apparently they are out of vaccines again.

If only there were shots that made people more organized and reliable. I can think of several people who need that one.

But not you. My dependable readers order my books, watch my Youtube Mom videos, and visit my website. You’re the best.

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