Tuesday, March 9, 2021

What Are You Famous For?

           Five years ago, almost to the day, I wrote a blog about what it could mean if someone “pulled a Joni.”

          I hinted at some possibilities, but didn’t actually want to know the truth.  And now THREE friends have called within a week, each one claiming to have “pulled a Joni.” 

And guess what they’ve done?  Invented a cure for COVID? No.

Rescued someone and saved their life? No.

Built 1,000 houses for the homeless? No.

Here’s what they reported:

They’ve had their oven catch on fire, 

One walked into a wall, 

And another one illegally drove over a median in the road.

Yes indeed, these are the sorts of things that apparently define me. Now, if someone said they pulled a St. Bob, I suspect it would be one of these:

Got the best parking spot.

Got bumped up to First Class on an airplane.

Won a tennis game after not playing for 15 years.

All lucky, delightful things. Oh—and got married to me. Hey, you know I had to include that.

So what would someone have to do to pull a you? I know—bought ten of my books to give as gifts!

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