Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Maybe This Virus Affects the Funnybone

          Have any kids who think they’re comedians? Dutiful mom that I am, I called or texted each of my four to see how the Coronavirus was impacting their work. 
          Richie’s return text: We’re paying someone who’s infected to come visit the office so we can all get it and just get it over with.  It’ll be much faster this way.
          I wrote back: NOT FUNNY. Stop laughing. Stay three feet away from everyone.
          My children seem to delight in freaking me out.  In his teens Cassidy used to hide behind doors and around corners, then jump out and shout, “Boo!” at which point I would nearly jump out of my skin.
          Seriously, these people need better forms of amusement.
AND, since we’re all quarantined and looking for indoor entertainment, I have not one but TWO great ideas for you: Watch my Youtube Mom videos and read my books!

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