Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Home Semi-Sweet Home

          The other day a friend of mine was browsing through the real estate ads. “Wow,” she said. “This one has a walk-in fireplace!”
          I just stared at her. “Why on earth would you want to walk into a fireplace?” Seriously.  If it contains a roaring fire, I cannot think of anything less inviting.  But even without the fire, it would be less appealing than a crawl space. Ashy, dirty, dark, nowhere to sit.  Let’s say you go in there. Then what? (Yes, I get it—I think they mean that it’s a fireplace so large that you could walk in. If you were, say, running from the law.)
          So I began investigating other bad construction ideas and thought I’d share just a handful of the hundreds online. Let’s start with this little gem:
          I guess it could work for people who only bicycle.  
          Doors seem to stump many a home builder.  Check out this one, which now cannot open:
          And this one, sure to wake you up in the night:
          How about this little charmer, beautifully modified by the home owner?
          And—finally—laundry gets the attention it truly deserves.  Ignored for years, tucked away like an embarrassing relative, our wet clothing has been hidden from view. But no more! Copy this idea and you can watch every sock, every piece of underwear, tumbling like an act from Cirque du Soleil. And talk about never missing a re-run!
          Now doesn’t your own place look fabulous? You’re welcome.
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