Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Ideas R Us

          A couple of weeks ago, before the Coronavirus postponed church meetings,  I got a text request that I’ve never gotten before. I was asked to offer the innovation in Sacrament meeting.
          This is the main worship service in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There’s no paid clergy in this church; all the speakers, choir members, teachers, and even the bishops volunteer. So, from time to time we get asked to say the invocation or the benediction. But never have I seen spell check bestow such a blank check.
          Of course I smiled. Then I grinned. My mind was racing with ideas. Just think of the innovations I could share. We could have the Primary kids enact scripture stories in the aisles, complete with costumes and swords.
          Someone could be Cookie Chairman and provide treats (betcha you already thought of that).
          How about 3-D glasses and popcorn?
          What if you hired massage therapists to rub everyone’s sore shoulders or feet? Attendance would double.
          And what if we replaced the benches with reclining movie theatre seats?
          Hey, I’m not going crazy here. It’s not as if I suggested bringing in a marching band or the Rockettes.
          Alas, I knew he just wanted me to say the opening prayer.  But I could ride there in St. Bob’s Explanation.
          Have you watched my latest Youtube Mom videos? Check out my chemo  curls!

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