Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How is that Spelled Again?

Here is a typical conversation at the Hilton house: 
St. Bob, Richie, and I are sitting at the kitchen island enjoying dessert, when Richie calls his sister, Nicole.  He asks what she’s doing, then turns to me and says, “She’s making chard brownies.”
          I swallow my piece of coconut cream pie and ask, “Why would anyone want to char brownies?”
          He tells her I’ve asked this, and I can hear her voice through the phone, saying, “No; chard brownies.”
          “You do realize this is a homonym, right?” Richie says.  By now we all realize that my organic/locally grown/traceable daughter meant chard, not charred. But I cannot imagine why anyone would want to put chard in an otherwise delightful treat.  It seems even worse than charring one.
          Finally I decide she’s just ultra-organized, and she’s already working on April Fool’s Day ideas.
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