Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Makes a Woman

          Guess what-- I’ve written a musical about cancer.  And  a comedy, yet.  I know, I know, sounds impossible.  But trust me, The Best Medicine is hilarious as well as poignant.  And the renowned composer, Jerry Williams (currently pianist and arranger for The Donny and Marie Show) wrote the absolutely ingenious music for all 18 songs.  You can see a short music video of one of the songs here.  It’s called What Makes a Woman, and there’s never been a song like it.
This song takes a stand against the pop culture message that our appearances are what define us.  In the musical a woman in a support group sings this song, which salutes and empowers women everywhere.  1 in 8 women will face breast cancer this year, and not one of them will be diminished as a woman.  But in this short video we feature all kinds of women singing, and holding signs that define them better.  Please watch it, share it, and help us spread this vital message.
          How, exactly, does one come to write a musical about cancer?  It began a couple of years ago, when St. Bob got prostate cancer.  And, as many other cancer patients can tell you, humor is often what helps you get through it.
This groundbreaking musical empowers us by getting us to laugh. And then laugh again.  It’s honest and funny, but it’s also packed with heart and healing, and will give strength and hope to everyone who sees it. The love story is compelling and real, and the message of women not being defined by their appearances will make audience members stand up and cheer.  It even includes a tribute song to caregivers. We believe this story will have universal impact. It won’t just entertain—it will change lives and bring audiences to their feet.  
The surprise ending is tender, upbeat, and funny all at once, sending audience members home humming along and eager to tell everyone they’ve got to see this show.  It honestly reminds us what matters most, to celebrate the ride we’ve had, and that the important thing isn’t facing death—it’s facing life. 

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  1. Joni - This is so exciting and wonderful. Your music video "What Makes A Woman" is beautiful and it features some of my best friends (and they didn't even tell me!). When will this musical be produced and where can we come see it?!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! We are still looking for a theatre to stage its premiere, but I will be first to post it when we find one! Meanwhile, thanks for your enthusiastic response!