Friday, March 20, 2015

Rehab for Joni

          Okay, I need to go skiing.  Clearly this is my ticket to being gorgeous and having all my wits about me.  I shall explain.
          A good friend of mine went skiing in Utah a few weeks ago, fell and tumbled into a tree, broke all kinds of ribs and head bones, and smacked the daylights out of her right frontal lobe.  After weeks in the hospital, they finally transferred her to a rehab facility back here in California.
          So I went to visit her and guess what? First of all, she looked like a million bucks, and second of all: she was sharper and more focused than I was!  She was even heading home in a couple of days.
          I asked her what they could possibly do at the rehab place to help her.  She said they would come in and give her six words to remember, and then later ask her to recall the list. She ticked off five of the words right then, but she couldn’t remember the sixth.  I can remember one: marble.  Although I won’t swear to that.
          Good gravy—if I were in here they would never let me out!
          So I looked up the typical symptoms of someone with this injury.  They are often inattentive, have a hard time finding the word they want, cannot retain new information, talk persistently, exhibit ADD tendencies, have an intolerance of frustration, and have poor hand-to-eye coordination. Excuse me?  Is that not a detailed description of Joni Hilton? 
          So did I fall down at some point, bang my head, and nobody even noticed?  Or was I born without a right frontal lobe from the get-go?  I mean, I’ve never had my head x-rayed; I could have gerbils doing the hula in there!
          I’ll tell you this.  I am going to watch my step like a hawk, or I’ll wind up in that facility for life.  On the other hand, if I could look as rested and refreshed as my friend, it might be worth a visit.

Keep me from stumbling into permanent residence at the hospital by purchasing my books!  That way I’ll write more and stay safely at the computer desk.   

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