Friday, February 13, 2015

The Incredible Shrinking... Toilet Paper?

          No, you are not suddenly growing larger as the world shrinks around you-- stuff is getting smaller.  And it had to happen with toilet paper.  According to and the Washington Post, the old 4.5-inch toilet paper squares are now half an inch smaller.  Great.  Even the cardboard tubes are getting smaller, and the rolls themselves contain less paper.  The Wall Street Journal says this process of selling less paper for the same price is called “desheeting.”  Butt of course.
          I can understand companies trying to make up for losses—after all, fewer people are buying the paper towels and napkins these companies make, since office and restaurants are offering fewer napkins, and they often use air-dryers in the restrooms.  But why not just charge a few extra cents for a normal roll of toilet paper?  Everything goes up in price due to inflation; we know that. 
          Surely mattress makers are not scaling down their mattresses when their income drops; they just charge more for the same size mattress.  Otherwise, where does it stop—when we’re all sleeping on crib-sized mattresses?  What about books—should we expect the last 50 pages to be missing?
And think about the repercussions:  If you change the standard size of toilet paper, do you then retro-fit all the toilet paper holders in the world?
          Are they hoping we won’t notice?  It’s like dry cereal boxes that are suddenly much smaller and contain less cereal, yet cost the same as yesterday’s larger box.  I’m waiting for a splashy red graphic to read, “Now smaller than ever!”  or “Less food, but amazing same price!”
And what of the recipes that are thrown off by calling for a can of corn (used to be 16.5 ounces), which has now shrunk to 14.75 ounces?  Are these companies hoping we won’t notice?  That one-pound package of hotdogs you think you’re buying is really only 14 ounces.  The age-old 5-pound bag of sugar now weighs four.  And your half-gallon of ice cream is only a quart and a half today.  Orange juice, tuna, pasta, yogurt, cheese, chips, deodorant, shampoo —they’ve all been downsized. 
Nobody begrudges a company making a profit, it’s the sneakiness that bothers me.  It’s their effort to sell an illusion, and make it seem as if we’re getting the same thing when we’re not.  This does no service to those scraping by, either—they end up having to buy more to make up for the dinky packaging. Personally, I’d rather pay more and know what I’m getting, before we’re all buying postage-stamp-sized rolls of toilet paper.  But I’ll tell you this: "Going Postal" would have a whole new meaning.

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