Friday, February 14, 2014

My Lucy Life

             New neighbors have moved in around the corner, so last week I drag St. Bob with me to take them a plate of cookies.  You move onto my turf and you get goodies, it’s Joni’s Law. 

            And I also take them a flyer about a civic meeting, news of when my own church services are, and a list of fun local attractions, in case they’re from out of state.  
            It’s about 7 p.m., and as we pull over, I notice a man coming down the driveway in the dark, so I jump out and introduce myself.  I find out his name is David, and he has a wife and two teenage boys.  I hand him a plate of my very best cookies (trust me, these are chewy and delicious and there are 16 of them on the plate).
            Bob shakes his hand, and the guy proceeds to climb into a truck, also parked at the curb, and drives off!  With the cookies!
            Okay, something here is amiss, starting with the cookies.  “Why didn’t he go inside and ask his wife and kids to come out and meet the new neighbors?” I ask Bob.  “And why didn’t he at least take the cookies inside, instead of just driving off with them?”
            Bob has no answer to this, but I have an answer: The guy is a burglar!  It’s the only explanation, right?  I mean, technically he wasn’t even in the house.  David—if that’s even his real name-- was probably just casing the joint, and then took off with that family’s cookies!
            Seriously, what person (myself excluded) could eat an entire plate of 16 cookies by himself?  Surely he would take them inside to share, maybe grab a couple of them for the road, and then leave. Right?  And anyone with any manners at all would call his family to come out and get acquainted.  Unless what?  Unless he’s a thief on the run, that’s what.   So now I am aiding and abetting and feeding a criminal.  Possibly even a criminal master mind.
            Bob listens to my theory and then says he’s not coming with me on any more of these deliveries.  I am stunned.  At the very least you’d think he would come along to protect me.  I mean, who knows who else will move in?  The next person could be a kidnapper!
            I’ll tell you, I’m going to drive by from time to time and see if this “David” makes an appearance.  I’m also going to watch for a mom and two teenage boys.  After all, we can’t be too careful in this crazy world.  There are all kinds of people out there—burglars, stalkers—oh, wait a second.
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  1. I coulda downed that plate of cookies by myself. If you eat all the evidence, you don't have to share.

    Just sayin'... :o)

    1. Good point, Juli! Well, then I hope he gained too much weight to let him fit through a doggie door, then! :)

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