Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Driving Miss Crazy

          I once received a delicious compliment. I had zipped into a parallel parking spot downtown where some young men were standing nearby. “Wow,” one of them said, “you drive like a parking valet.”
          (Much better than our daughter Nicole’s analysis once, which was to say that I drive like Cruella De Vil.)
          However, now that I frequent the hospital for cancer treatments, I’m all about getting a close parking spot. And, naturally I was pleased to see this sign:
          But guess what? I have yet to receive one compliment! I think the parking people should be trained to say, “My, don’t you look lovely today?” or “Nobody wears a beanie as well as you do!” or “What a rosy glow you have!” Nope. They just take your keys and peel out of there.
          That’s not the only problem with valet parking. If you’re at a particularly busy place you have to stand and wait for your car, usually longer than if you had just found a parking spot yourself and walked.
          And, for women in skirts, there’s the awkward problem of getting in and out of the car modestly, with someone watching you. Luckily, you know the Youtube Mom—you’re reading her blog. And she has a video about how to conquer this very predicament, right here.
          So now you can fearlessly use valet parking. Just don’t expect any lavish compliments.


  1. are spewing garbage topic, no different as if you advocating Santa is for real
    mormon god, does not exist, it is pure fabrication

  2. Daniel is not a prophet - nor even a decent critic. Forward with whimsy - a perfectly respectable choice and a promoter of diversity.