Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Now You See It

          Have your eyes gone on strike, yet?  If you are 40 years old or more, chances are you cannot hold books far enough away to see the printing. You could even be struggling to read this blog.
          But I have the solution and it’s a beauty.  First, however, let’s give you an eye test.  I have devised a dozen ways you can know you need reading glasses:  
1.       Your food is blurry. So are the menus.
2.      You call a rest home by mistake when looking on your phone for restaurants.
3.       You sing “waitress for Christ” instead of “witness for Christ” at church.
4.      You don’t know your nail polish is chipped until someone mentions it.
5.       You can’t see your husband’s face unless he stands across the room.
6.      You can cut your toenails, or see what you’re doing, but not both.
7.       You have to ask clerks what the price tags say.
8.      You dial more wrong numbers than right ones.
9.      You look in the mirror, and even without makeup, you look great!
10.     You ask the PTA to stop printing things on colored paper.
11.     You stop looking for the calorie count on food packaging.
12.     You have to sit so far back from the computer screen that you can’t reach the keyboard.
          But guess what—there’s another option to having glasses.  My eye doctor told me to try monovision.  This does not mean surgery; it means one eye has a contact lens for distance (since I’m nearsighted), and the other has one for close-up.  The brain simply figures out which eye to use!
          I was skeptical.  How could your brain know which eye to use?  But I was so tired of hunting all over the house for yet another pair of lost reading glasses that I agreed to try it.
          And voile!  It’s as if my eyes are 20 years old again!  Instantly I was able to see close up, then glance across a room and see that in focus as well! I donated all my reading glasses to charity, and am considering becoming an astronaut. They need perfect vision, right?  Sign me up! 

          And you are welcome for this fabulous tip.  You may thank me by visiting my website and purchasing a book or two.  Or watch a YouTube Mom video with your new, perfect vision!

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