Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Grape Expectations

          Seriously.  For a humor blog, I certainly give you a lot of great, moneymaking advice.  My latest brilliant offering: Sell grapes in Japan.
          My friend, Cynthia Horst, told me about this and I checked it out. Yep, these babies just sold at auction for more than FOURTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Yes, that’s thousand with a th.  That’s almost five hundred dollars per grape.  (Kind of makes my 18-dollar tomatoes look almost reasonable, doesn’t it?)
          And before you decide that only an idiot would pay that, hold your tractors.  These Ruby Roman grapes can be re-sold at a profit.
          Of course, in this case the buyer just wants to display them in his store to attract customers, and will eventually give away samples.  Luscious fruits are a status symbol in Japan, and these babies are particularly sweet, about the size of ping pong balls. They were grown right there in Japan, too.
          But all fruit fetches sky-high prices. Last year a pair of melons went for $16,590 in an auction.  And an apple will cost you around $4.00.
          Can you imagine the dough you could make by importing produce from the very area of California where I live?  Our farmer’s markets are overflowing with every fruit imaginable.  You just have to get it over to Japan.  
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You can thank me so easily—just buy one of my books here.  And then enjoy it while nibbling on any of the fruits locally available, for peanuts.

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