Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Definitely the Wrong Font

          Most people enjoy the zillions of font options out there, customizing their emails and websites with everything from

                                           Old English
                               to  Showcard Gothic

          On the other hand, many of us sigh when we constantly have to switch from Microsoft’s Calibri to Arial, every time we open Word.
          But if you have a business, can I recommend you choose a basic, simple font?  If you try to get too cute, here’s what can happen. I recently called for tech assistance, when an online order wouldn’t go through. As if we don’t have enough tech trouble.  Get this:

          Tech assistant: Your username is not going through.
          Me: But I’m typing in jonihilton. (then I spell it for her).
          Tech assistant: That’s not what I have.  What I have is J O N I L hyphen L I L T O N.
          Now I’m trying to imagine how on earth I entered such a ridiculous username.  Was it that my finger hit an adjacent button? Nope—L is nowhere near H.  Plus a hyphen? Who sticks a hyphen into their name?
          Me: I can promise you I would not have chosen that username.
          AND THEN I PICURE IT.  Joni l-lilton. This woman is looking at a screen where the H has separations between each stroke, like this Stencil font:


          And suddenly the H has become l hypen l.  
          What happens to B in a font like this—does it turn into the number 13?  
Does St. Bob become Agent 13 0 13? 


          And does K become l and then a < symbol?  N would be l slash l.  There’s no end to the confusion.
          So, choose a simple font where each letter has sensible connections.  And hire employees who know that l-lilton would be a ridiculous last name.

          Luckily, you won’t need tech support to visit my website here.  Scroll through my hundreds of YouTube Mom videos, and buy a book or two!

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