Tuesday, January 28, 2014


            Confession: I like cars.  St. Bob likes to tell the story about how impressed he was when I first saw his Mustang and said, “Nice wheels.”  But I am nowhere near the level of car appreciation that he and our boys are.
            Hence Bob’s visit this last week, to the Detroit Auto Show, celebrating its Silver Anniversary, and luring car-o-philes there despite frigid temperatures hovering just above zero.  Bob went with his brother, Ken (also a car nut—and former car dealer), and the two of them were like kids in a candy shop.
            Here are a few of the confections Bob salivated over, and the photos he took-- a white Porsche Spider, a yellow racing Corvette, a blue Audi, and a red Jaguar:

 But most of what he saw were concept cars.  The concept behind concepts is that you put one of these goodies on display and then gauge customer reaction.  But it never, ever gets made as you see it on the show floor.  Now, I ask you, is this not the height of false advertising?  I’ve been to a couple of car shows, and never once has anyone asked for my opinion.  They don’t need to.  They can see everyone drooling and nudging each other and gasping at how fantastic these cars are.  Nobody thinks they’re too extreme.  Everyone’s knees go weak.
            And then they tuck them away, never to be seen again.  Here’s another luscious lump you will never see on the highway.  It's a Kia-- can you believe it?
            This one's a Nissan:
              And check out this red Toyota:

            Car makers have no intention of offering these treats for sale.  They are simply there to torment you and let you dream of what might have been.  Like a sadistic babysitter dangling a lollipop before a toddler and then whisking it away just as the baby reaches for it.
            Check out this sweet ride-- it's a white Lexus:

            And this one-- a white Honda:

           Here's a Toyota motorcycle:
           And a plug-in hybrid BMW:

Why don’t they just hire a guy to stand there and say, “Like it? Can’t have it.  Like it?  Can’t have it” over and over.
            I’m telling you, if you went into a bakery or a pie shop, and someone rolled a cart of heavenly creations by and then sang out, “Sorry, hee, hee—you can’t have these” you would be, okay I would be, peeved at the very least.  But, then again, if those same desserts cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, I guess I’d simply stare and them and sigh.
            Just like the guys at the car show.
For less than the cost of a wiper blade for one of these babies, you can land a fantastic gift that goes from zero to sixty in however fast you can run with it—one of my new novels!  Check out Jungle, Sisters in the Mix, and Pinholes Into Heaven here.


  1. Modified cars are the spotlights of car shows. Without them, those events will look just like an ordinary showroom. They might not produce lots of units for sale, but at least they'll be giving ideas on how to improve your car. I think you just have to find a reliable person who would modify your car according to your passion and desire. Anyway, I hope you'll be able to share more photos next time. Thanks! :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

    1. Thanks for writing in, Sarah! Maybe next time I'll get to tag along to "the candy shop!"

  2. It’s really frustrating to realize that you can’t buy the specialized cars they have on those shows. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that manufacturers are giving us a glimpse of fabulous cars as an inspiration for car modifications. Let’s just wish they’ll be able to produce more of those and sell it to car enthusiasts like you. Anyway, thanks for sharing that, Joni! All the best to you!

    Lance Gross @ Royal on the East Side

    1. Thanks, Lance-- yes, agreed. And I guess I'd rather see these gorgeous dream cars that are unavailable, than not have any glimpse at all into those designs. Thanks for reading and best wishes!

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