Friday, July 19, 2013

Do Not Break This Chain!

           This is a chain letter. 
Come on, don’t spoil the fun; be a sport and participate.  Chain letters are a blast!  Here’s how it works.   All you need to do is follow these simple instructions.  Just send a car (new, if possible, sleek and sporty if even more possible) to the first person on the list below.  Then copy this letter with the first name omitted, and your name in the last place.  Now send it out to six family members or friends who you think will enjoy playing this game.  Within just a matter of weeks, you should receive 36 cars. It will be so fun to see where they all came from!

            If you email this letter you don’t even have to buy postage stamps!  Think of all the new friends you will make.  You can send it out to even more people for a lot of extra fun. And who couldn’t use a few new cars, right?  For every time you click “forward,” a lucky (and hilarious) leprechaun will appear on your screen, tell you a joke, and then he will deposit money in your bank account.
            I’m so excited!  Remember, DO NOT BREAK THIS CHAIN
or you could bring terrible luck upon yourself.  One guy broke the chain in Greece and look what happened to their economy!  Another guy, in Wyoming I think, broke the chain and a Wolverine got him.  I’m fairly sure that’s what happened.  It might have been a Grizzly.  Anyway, keep the fun going and watch your driveway for fun, new surprises every day!  

            Joni Hilton
            Abner Gomez
            Jill Whattingcomb
            Avery Cline
            Betsy Everett
            Toby Kitt
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  1. I am SO excited to get my new cars. I hope you like the '97 Yugo I sent you... it's a collector y'know. I've even figured out a vanity plate for my first car "CHNLTR." Thanks for offering up this fantastic opportunity.

  2. Ha ha! Great license plate! I can't decide whether to send you a Maverick or a Pacer from the 70s. Aw, heck-- I'll send both!

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