Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Where Bon-Bons Play

            Ahh… a new French bakery came to town.

Of course St. Bob and I had to check it out. The second we walked in, Bob took one look at the rows and rows of goodies and said, “Well, I’ll never see you again.”

          Pastries of all kinds beckoned. We were each given a tray, a sheet of parchment, and a pair of tongs. Like everyone else, we loaded up.  One guy was holding as much as he possibly could:

          Two dozen tables were filled with happy munchers. We sampled a cake, a sweet roll, a fried apple thing, a quiche, and I can’t remember what else.

          Flaky crusts, creamy fillings—it was probably not good to know that this place is rather close to our house.          

Yikes. Pray for me, readers.

          Oh—and watch my Youtube channel. Lots of fun life hacks.


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