Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Getting Around

             Circles don’t get enough credit for all they do.  This wonderful, round shape has come in handy throughout history.

            Take horse training. If you don’t use a round pen, horses will go into the corner and stop. They are smarter than most people think, and will try to get out of training.

            You get more structural stability with round shape designs; they have given us gears, wheels, and arches.

            They’re all around. We see this favored shape in dishes, plates, clocks, planets, cakes, buttons, camera lenses, pizzas, rings, pies, steering wheels, the tip of a pen, telescopes, microscopes, and even the pupils in your eye, from which you are reading this.

            They keep traffic moving in roundabouts, and they keep manhole covers from falling into the sewer.

          Circles were essential for developing geometry, astronomy, and calculus. The circle symbolizes harmony, eternity, and perfection.

            Last, a circle is the most popular shape for cookies. Need I say more?

            So let’s hear it for the circle! And you can blow through your party whistle which is, yes, also a circular shape.

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