Tuesday, August 22, 2023

I Screen, You Screen?

        We finally got one of those wonderful, retractable screen doors! You’ve probably seen them-- they roll up and stow on the side of the door. It lets you keep the patio door open so you can enjoy the nice breeze without flies or mosquitoes getting in. Here's an example of one: 

          EXCEPT… it’s been way too hot to enjoy a breeze, unless you like the temperatures of an inferno.

         BUT EVEN WORSE… you can’t see the screen. At least I can’t. And our dog can’t. So, possibly similar IQs are in sync here.  We tried to leave just the screen closed on three occasions and here’s what happened.

1.       Joni charges right into the screen and nearly busts through, but luckily doesn’t break it.

2.      St. Bob puts a small 3x5 card in the frame so she’ll notice it.

3.       She doesn’t.  She crashes into the screen anyway.

4.       Now Bob puts a full sheet of paper in the frame and finally she sees it.

5.      But this, like a decal, blocks the lovely view, doesn't it? So Joni takes the paper out.

6.       She crashes into the screen again that evening.

Mind you, our dog is doing the same thing.

Fortunately, we’ve had temperatures over 100 lately, so the screen is rolled up, safe once again.

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