Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Bending: The Rules

        Like many tall people, I occasionally throw my back out. Okay, not with the trash. But I pull muscles and my doctor has told me to stop bending over.

          Simple advice for most, but not if you have dyspraxia. Remember I told you about that here?  I’m genetically klutzy, and what most coordinated people never consider is that I drop things more often than they do. A lot more often. I even put my cell phone on a chain so I could catch it.

          Only now I have to leave the item where it landed. Drop my keys? Gone forever. Drop a towel? Oh well.  Drop a jar lid? Better get some plastic wrap.

          Within a week I predict my floor will look like a teenager’s bedroom. All kinds of objects will be cluttering the ground and I will risk life and limb to weave through the rubble.

          There is only one up-side to this, and it’s for our dog, Mickey. Every day she prays that we will drop food on the floor that will stay there, and that she can gobble up. Now her prayers have been answered.

          Check out my Youtube Mom videos full of great life hacks (except for the above mentioned problem).

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