Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Don't I Know You?

I think we’re all turning into Bigfeet, which I assume is the plural of Bigfoot. 
Everyone I talk to is telling me about their shaggy hair,
          Their out-of-control eyebrows,
          Their hairy legs,
          And let’s not forget their attempt to hide, during this pandemic. 
          You know all these ungroomed people you see when you have to brave the world and go to the supermarket? Maybe they’re not regular people at all. Maybe there’s been a population explosion in the Sasquatch community, and now they’re in every state!
          Maybe that’s even why they’re wearing masks, so you won’t catch on.
          But I do think we should have a Yeti-Lookalike contest and crown a Yeti Betty or something. She—or he—could be the COVID-19 mascot!
          It’s okay if you’re still in your pajamas. Sounds like the perfect time to curl up with one of my books!

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