Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Like Adding Gasoline to the Fire

          Well, it had to happen. With all this social distancing, we’re texting and Zooming more than ever.  And this means the odds of sending a message before reviewing it have just gone up. You guessed it—we’ve added another dreadful auto-correct problem to our arsenal of embarrassing tech moments.
          This time Bob was dictating a text to his doctor’s office about a basal-cell spot on the side of his nose. And here is what they read:
          “I’m keeping gasoline on it for comfort.”
          Yep, and you thought you’d heard every old wives’ tale about cures and remedies.
          No sooner had he sent it along than he read it, cringed, and called the office where a woman, laughing hysterically, answered the phone. He explained  that he meant Vaseline and she understood.
          But I’m still betting that text went viral.
In between reading my books, check out this blog post about another horrendous text Bob sent to a law enforcement officer. But of course.

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