Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Breaking and Entering and then Breaking Again

          Folks, we had an invasion last night. First, how many individuals have to get involved to call it an invasion? I think, when it comes to raccoons, one is enough. 
          At least I think it was only one, based on the footprints:
          It crept through the doggie door then padded over to the laundry room where the cat and dog food is kept. Pertinent info: Our dog slept through the entire crime:
          So did our cat:
Yes, she knocked the thing to the ground where it broke into smithereens. I say she, because, like many of us, I assume she loves dishes and is just trying to expand her collection.
And still no one awoke.  Quietly the thief tore into the bag of cat food, scattered it everywhere, and then left on little cat feet. Cat-ish. Okay, raccoon feet.
So now we’ll be leaving the laundry room door closed and just hope the raccoon doesn’t come tip-toeing upstairs, looking for people to snuggle with. Or a closet full of new disguises.
You can patrol your perimeter for raccoon evidence, or sit quietly inside with one of my books. I recommend the latter.

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