Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Living the Highland Life

          Have you ever been to a Scottish festival?  We have a huge one here, complete with Highland Games, Piping Band competitions, and kilts everywhere you look.
          There were cute little Scottish kids,

          a Haggis hurling competition (in which my son Richie placed second a few years ago, for throwing one a hundred feet and you can read about that here), Highland dancers (one of whom left his other shoes and socks at the base of a tree):

          Highland cattle:
          And a bagpipe band competition in which our friends, Nancy and Alex Theriault’s sons, Nick and Ben, played flawlessly and wowed the crowd.  You can read more about Nick here. Yes,  he is a virtuoso.
          Just before my surgery, dear friends Lori and Tony McAnelly invited us to come along for this day of fun and excitement.  Yes, they wore tartans.  No, I did not because I don’t have one. 
I did, however, stop at a booth which researches your clan and discovered that St. Bob has a Hilton line that can claim Tweedside, a tartan that looks like this:
          AND it takes no imagination whatsoever to extrapolate that we must surely be related to Tweedle Dee and the other one who is probably the direct relative, yet shall go unnamed.
          After news like that, all Nicole and I could do was console ourselves, not with sheep’s stomach, but with a local delicacy probably straight from the Highlands of Scotland:
          And, since I have no tartan I decided there needs to be a MacWannabe Tartan for all the people who wish they had Scottish ancestry.  I think it would look like this. In 24 karat.  Just saying.
Scottish or not, you will love my books-- see those plus my YouTube channel here.