Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I Heart You

          This is my kind of heart attack.  In a recent blog I shared with you that I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  That’s never good news, but it elicited some good things.  For one, trials like this bring you closer to those you love.  My husband’s love and support looks magnified right now. My children are awesome, including the one who said, “Maybe the new breast they give you will have some cool smart features. Maybe they can install Alexa.”
          But it also opened up the hearts of my other loved ones, my dear friends.  Flowers, cookies, gifts from the kitchen—I have felt showered with love.  My artist friend, Debbie Johnson, dreamed a painting to give me—and it’s phenomenal—check it out on my Facebook page.
But today I want to share the surprise my neighbor and her kids gave me.  Just minutes after telling her of my diagnosis, my doorbell rang and here’s the “heart attack” she and her children promptly prepared and then left on my door:
I love that one of the hearts states, “You will get better! (that’s a fact)” written by one of her young sons.  Her daughter drew a picture of me with four wonderful strands of hair sticking straight up like pins.  I adore it!  When the wind suggested I take the hearts off my door, I attached them to a long ribbon that hangs in a cheery swag over my desk now.
I am beyond grateful to so many wonderful friends who reached out with exactly what would mean the most, ministering to my soul and giving me the smiles and hugs I need right now.  Is there someone in your life who needs reminding that you care about them?  Can you cut out a heart from paper?  Maybe you can make someone’s day, and make this world a better place.
          And speaking of moms and kids, check out my YouTube mom videos here.

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