Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trash Talk

          When it comes to Spring Cleaning, the Hiltons go big or go home.  Actually, we’re already home.  And we didn’t really plan to go this big.
          St. Bob ordered a trash bin so we could throw out my ancient potting bench, a garden lattice, some old lumber, and who-knows-what from the garage.  But when it arrived it was three times the size we expected.  It barely fit on our driveway.
          I posted it on Facebook, announcing that my new Easter basket had arrived and I hoped the Easter Bunny would fill it with chocolate.
          Naturally, Bob joked that we could use it as a swimming pool, and we immediately imagined all of us floating on inner tubes, waving to horrified neighbors, for a White Trash Christmas card photo.  Maybe some water could even leak out the sides for an added touch.
          But before we could actually implement this brilliant idea, Bob was hurling bags and boxes into the container, and in no time it was about half full. See? That makes me an optimist.
You can read my books while floating in a pool or not.  Check out all 25 of them here.

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