Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Lucky Me

          I’ve told you about St. Bob’s amazing luck before, but now it’s my turn.
          Twice, within a week, two of my girlfriends have commented on how lucky I am to have snagged Bob. 
First, at church after Bob gave a talk, one rushed up and said, “He is so fantastic! How did you get so lucky?” 
And then another girlfriend came over to the house and said, “There was only one Bob, and Joni was the lucky one who got him.”
A few years ago we took some Christmas gifts over to an elderly woman in our church and—with me standing not a foot away—she whispered in his ear, “I love you.”
There’s something alluring about this guy, and I'm not the only woman who finds him irresistible.  For one thing, he is truly a handsome Prince Charming.
 And he’s so hilarious I often double over laughing.  
He’s not just smart, but wise, which is actually really hard to find. He’s spiritual, kind, forgiving, generous, mentally awake and morally straight, kind of like a Boy Scout on steroids. 
When I wrote the As the Ward Turns series of four novels, the husband in the story is definitely based on Bob.  I can hear his voice, even when that character delivers lines Bob hasn’t actually said.
So today I pay tribute to this amazing guy whom I love more than life itself, and acknowledge with immense gratitude that I am indeed a lucky woman.  And not just because he provides me with so much material.  Although, there is that.  Thank you, Bob.
Check out my books—there are 24 of them—here.  And be sure to watch my YouTube Mom videos.  Bob is the cameraman, of course.

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