Tuesday, August 29, 2017

10 Times When it's Okay to Let Kids Quit

          It’s the end of summer vacation.  Parents the world over have been hauling their kids to lessons, sports, and music as we try to fill their days with enriching opportunities, right?  And it won’t stop just because school is starting.  Many families continue all these commitments year round.
          But what if the kids hate it, or it just isn’t a good fit? We don’t want them to have a quitter mentality, so when is it okay to let kids resign? After raising four kids, here’s my list of when it’s perfectly okay to say stop:
1.       When the piano teacher says, “Honey, wouldn’t you like to try tap?” (Yes, this happened to me, and yes, I have used it in one of my novels.)
2.      When he starts following the chalk line during a soccer game. (Yes, one of our sons did this.)
3.       When she picks a bouquet in the outfield. (Another sport, another child.)
4.      When it’s clear he only wanted to take karate for the “costume.” (Take your bows, two eldest boys.)
5.       When cats gather at your doorway during violin practice.
6.      When the coach is the most immature person at the pool and throws a chair in anger. (High school water polo.)
7.       When her pet breeding hobby yields 28 extra guinea pigs. (Yep, happened right upstairs.)

8.      When his science experiments involves gun powder or gasoline. (Two kitchens still bear the scars.)
9.      When the coach assigns him to do everyone else’s laundry.
10.     When you’re still trying to get him to break the 20-minute mile.

Let’s face it, not every activity fits every kid.  But books do, and I’ve written something for everyone.  Check ‘em out here.

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