Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That's Your Cell Phone?

Here is how to ensure that all the phone calls you get will be sweet ones.  Buy a phone case that looks like a bottle of Chanel perfume:
Yes, this is my new cell phone case, and it even comes with a woven chain cord.  The idea here is to wear it around your neck when you need both hands for something else, but in my case it improves my chances of catching it before it crashes to the ground.
The best part of the case, of course, is the little stopper at the top which makes it look like a real bottle.  It doesn’t move-- it doesn’t actually do anything-- except make everyone ooh and aah when they see it.
But this is not the only clever cell phone case out there.  Take a look at these:

And, just in case I have readers employed as cell phone case designers, might I add just one suggestion?  It would be really cool if my case could actually spray a bit of fragrance, as well.  I mean, if you can think up a little stopper on the top, you can fill it with actual perfume, right? Just another can’t-miss idea that might make you a zillionaire.  Call them Makes Scents. You’re welcome.

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