Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Funny Medicine

          All of my kids are funny, and one of them is even a comedian. 
          I blame St. Bob.
          Here is how this man’s mind works.  The other night he gets a Charlie horse in his leg. 

          I have blogged about these before, and the descriptive names other countries have for those cramps that bite you like a crocodile.

So far, we have not come to Bob’s brain.

          As the good, helpful wife, I offer him a Potassium tablet, since I have a bottle of these I never use, but bought a while ago because I heard they were good for something or other, then forgot what it was.  Only now I remember: Leg cramps.
          We go into the bathroom where I get the bottle, but the writing on the label is too tiny for Bob to read.  Again, the Wonder Wife, I take out my contacts so I can read microscopic printing, and read it to him.

          I squint. “It says take one tablet daily with a meal.”
          Bob sighs.  And here is where his mind kicks in.  “Well, he’s not coming, so I’ll just take the tablet without him.” 
          Ah.  Emil.  Of course.
          Honestly, I am going to donate that man’s brain to science.  Or at least to a comedy hall of fame.

          Have you visited my web site, lately?  Time to kick back and scroll through some YouTube Mom videos, order some books, and see if you can find St. Bob in any of the characters.

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