Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Close That Door!

A girlfriend of mine who subscribes to this blog recently asked how so many funny things keep happening to me. I wish I knew.  All I know is that I will never run out of material, both a blessing and a curse.
Here is the latest one. I had an appointment in an office building, but when I got there, I discovered it was a huge complex of several buildings.  So I parked and then popped into the closest one to get directions.  Hmm.   No reception desk.  So I wandered down a hallway, and saw this sign:
Yes, you cannot make this stuff up. Can you imagine what’s going on behind that door?  I figure all hell has broken loose in a science lab, with monkeys and kangaroos leaping about, smashing beakers, and sending lab-coated scientists under the desks for cover.  Even if it’s just guinea pigs, believe-you-me, they can create a good bit of mayhem.  I (unwisely) allowed our daughter to breed them when she was in junior high, so she could learn about genetics.  Trust me; there’s plenty of genetic info online.
Or perhaps this is the office of a jokester.  I would certainly enjoy posting a sign like that, just for amusement’s sake.  Years ago I heard of a brilliant burglar deterrent.  You post a sign on your front door that says, “Beware of Dangerous Pyracantha.  If confronted, do not try to run, just back away slowly.”  Then you put a big, empty cage on your front porch, with its door open.
Of course, this assumes that burglars don’t know what a pyracantha is.  It’s a plant and it looks like this:
Still, a sign like that on your home would be a great idea.  And the other one is perfect for your office. Or maybe it’s just a preschool.  Either way, you can believe I did not open that door.

Have you checked out my website, lately?  No scary tabs that lead to maniacal creatures, I promise.  Just lots of fun videos to watch and some terrific books to buy!

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