Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Husband Overhaul

          I like miscommunications.  See? There’s one right there.  I don’t like misunderstandings; those lead to hurt feelings, retribution, and in more than one case, wars.
          But I relish the little words that are said one way and heard another, leading to laughter.  You can even find greeting cards of elderly people saying, “It’s Thursday,” and their friend hearing “I’m thirsty.” 
          So I was greatly amused recently, when a girlfriend called me on a crackly car phone, to tell me that her mother and father were driving to a Refurbished Husband Convention.  What—that’s a thing?  There must be millions of people—granted, mostly women—who would sign up for that!
          Just picture it: Makeovers, lectures on active listening, role-playing, how to repurpose baggy pants, even gold medals for “Most Improved.”  What an ingenious idea!
          She talked about how this was something her dad had been doing for years, and I couldn’t help thinking, What a good sport!   How many people take self-improvement that seriously? 
          As she talked about their drive (and lack of air conditioning), she mentioned he had reconditioned the car and suddenly it hit me.  They weren’t going to a Refurbished Husband Convention—they were going to a Refurbished Hudson Convention!  As in automobiles.  Well!  That’s a car of a different color, to twist a quote from The Wizard of Oz.  Here's their actual car on the Hoover Dam:
          And now we also know who’s really the good sport.
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