Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Year's Best Christmas Decorating Idea

          Tons of ideas pop into my head (we can argue about whether that’s because it’s so roomy in there), and I love to pass them along to you. I share my original recipes, I give away ideas for inventions, stories, jobs, whatever I think could help someone.  When I was in a TV green room and met the mom of a guy playing in the Superbowl, I told her the cameras would zoom in on her at some point, in the stands, and she should be wearing her son’s photo on a button pin.  Her eyes lit up.  “Thank you-- I’ll do that!” 
          Last month I gave you my turkey cornucopia idea, on Father’s Day I gave you a clever “man cake of tools” to make for Dad, and my YouTube Mom videos are loaded with stuff I’ve made up, that can simplify your life.  My original tortilla roll-up won a cooking contest almost 20 years ago, and started the whole “wrap” trend.
          So here’s my latest idea—a clever way to decorate your front door:
          Obviously you need a red door.  But paint is cheap—you could even paint it red just for December.  I used black vinyl for the belt, and painted a picture frame gold for the buckle.  A small dowel is wedged into it for the "leather" to go over.  Then a yard of fake white fur is staple-gunned to the sides of the door, with a few paint-safe picture-hanging stickers helping out.  And, if you can’t do a front door this way, you could do an interior door just as easily.  Total cost: About five dollars.   
          Another idea is to wrap your door like a giant present—but that’s not unique and THIS one is a Joni Hilton original!  Feel free to share it with your friends, and on Pinterest.  Merry Christmas to all!

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