Friday, December 5, 2014

Not Your Mother's Christmas Doll

        Just when you think you’ve heard everything, now there’s a baby doll that poops magical charms.  In case you’re compiling your Christmas list.
A friend of mine is buying a baby doll for her granddaughter (note: I still have NO grandchildren, so I must live vicariously through my friends.  Just saying.)  And she began to research dolls that can be fed and changed.  Apparently little toddlers everywhere are dying to experience the input/output  part of parenting that we can all agree is its least attractive element.
Nonetheless, the primal instinct to care for a little infant accounts for millions of dollars in retail profits for toymakers, and thus parents and grandparents line up to purchase wetting and pooping dollies.
The “charming” doll is called  La-la-loopsy Diaper Surprise, and all you need do to observe this biological miracle is to feed the doll water, then press its belly “button.” Then a charm pops out.  Button is in quote marks on their web site, so I respect their punctuation choice.  They also claim there are “Sew” many charms to collect!
Now, poop collection is not a hobby I’ve heard of, but it certainly seems feasible, given this new twist. 
Peanut Big Top and Blossom Flower Pot are the two charm-pooping choices, and there are three Diaper Surprise Refill Packs of darling diapers you will absolutely want to buy, as well.  Ka-ching.
The premise behind these dolls is that they were once rag dolls, but sprang to life when their last stitch was sewn.  But check out the stitches.  Tim Burton could not design a creepier doll.
So, or maybe I should say sew, if you still haven’t thought of the perfect gift for that little munchkin on your list, and you’re pretty sure she won’t have nightmares, or choke on small parts, get her a La-la-loopsy.  And if she accidentally swallows the charms, well, then she can be a sort of La-la-loopsy.

And, if you need a clever way to wrap your Christmas presents, check out 10 of my easiest ideas here, on a YouTube Mom video.

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