Monday, September 1, 2014

Talk About Your Famous Relatives

          Quick—name the fastest growing hobby in the world.  If you said, “Genealogy,” you’d be right.  There is something deliciously addictive in putting together the puzzle of our ancestry.  
         And now, with so many free online search sites, you can unearth both hooligans and heroes, filling your family tree with the most colorful characters you can imagine. 
Helen Keller once said, "There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his." Coolest of all is that everyone can claim Adam and Eve as common ancestors, which makes us all related in the biggest, most dysfunctional, hilarious, and often loving family. 
I wrote about the rival revolutionary war generals I found in my family and in St. Bob's here.  Even more interesting is that my tree contains a madam, for whom neighbors actually burned an effigy, in 19th Century England.  I can only imagine her contributions to the community.
But you’ll never believe what happened this week.  I was poking around on Family Tree, looking for Bob's connections to Norse kings, to show Nicole that she actually has heritage from Norway, where she just spent 18 months on a mission.  I was pretty sure I could remember a Beldeg, an Odin, and a Borg or somebody, King of the Norse. 
Only this time I took a new turn on Bob’s tree, and ended up with King Louis IV of France, a Roman emperor, Constantine the Great, and Julius Caesar.  I kept clicking on new branches and found Saxons and Goths, and eventually people with nicknames such as “the Bald,” and “the Fat.”  Soon I saw the king of Troy in 1500 BC, then Solomon and David.
And I then I realized what was happening.  This line was headed straight for Abraham, Noah and Methusaleh.  That could only mean one thing—I had traced my husband’s line all the way back to Adam!  Sure enough, just a few clicks later I saw, “Adam, the First Man and Eve, the First Woman, 4000 BC.”  Holy history chart! 
The incredible thing is that we could all do this, if we had complete records.  But it’s possible I’m the only person who has gone back to both Adam and Madam.  And somehow, in light of my latest book, I think it’s appropriate that these two discoveries rhyme.

Check out my LDS Nursery Rhymes book here—and give them as gifts to all your Mormon friends.  If you don’t have any, make some—they’ll probably help you with your family tree and get you all the way back to Adam!


  1. Oh funny, I just started following family lines. I got to Noah, that's cool. farther, hmmm Jesus Christ, farther Adam and Eve. I am not sure if the info is right, but whatever, we are all related.
    Did you try the "who am I related to that is famous" trick on familysearch? Cool beans indeed.

  2. Thanks, Suzi! Yes, if you found Noah, you can go directly back to Adam and Eve! I haven't tried the "famous" trick yet, but I need to! Thanks for writing.