Friday, September 12, 2014

My Blue Day

I know you’ve felt blue before—who hasn’t?  But have you ever been blue (members of Blue Man Group excluded)?
          I recently had two brushes with blueness on one day—what are the odds of that?  The first was at a baby shower where there was good news and bad news.  The good news is that they served killer delicious food, including a blueberry cobbler-ish dessert.  The bad news is that a 2-year-old grabbed a forkful of it and smeared it across my pale yellow pant leg.
          The mother of this child was not the least bit alarmed, so I was left to go into the kitchen for a wet rag and try to minimize the damage.  Luckily I am the Youtube Mom and I know how to remove stains, even purplish blue ones.  But still, these were lined, dry-clean-only silk pants, so I had to work carefully and then still get them dry-cleaned.
          The second attack of the blues was that evening, when I slipped on a pair of navy blue wedge sandals and wore them to yet another party.  I know, it sounds like all I do is flit from one social wingding to another, but these were truly the only “events” I went to all month.
          And when I came home and slipped off the sandals, the dark blue inner soles had completely stained my feet NAVY BLUE.  I kid you not.  Like a Sharpie.  It would not rinse off.  It would not come off with soap.  It would not come off with a wash cloth.  I felt like a Dr. Seuss character. Not with a fox, not in a box.  Not on a boat, not with a goat.
Finally I had to use heavy duty cleaner and a Scotch Brite sponge like you’d use on a scorched sauce pan, sitting on the edge of a tub like a naughty child who colored on her feet with markers, and now had to pay the consequences.  
And you should have seen how much blue tint was swirling down the bathtub drain.  Not even Picasso, in his blue period, saw this much blue.
  I wondered what grape stompers do, when their feet are stained from stomping on grapes to make wine.  Since I am LDS, I have precious little information about this career, or its cleanup options.  And I can’t go and Google it, because then I would get blue footprints all the through the house on my white carpet.
          Finally my pants were at the dry cleaners’ and those sandals were resting in the bottom of a trash can.  I think I’m going to wear blue jeans and tennis shoes for awhile.

          Yes, indeedy,  you can learn about  stain removal and so much more—seemingly every life skill you missed—by subscribing to my Youtube Mom videos here.  You can even request videos asking for solutions to common problems, including what to do when you’re feeling blue.

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