Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Steal These Passwords!

            I am about to do you another favor.  Remember the last time?  I gave you the amazing, can’t-miss idea of shooting seeds from a gun.  See that one here:

and before that, the million-dollar idea of putting Beano in dog food, which you can see here:  http://bit.ly/12zTJzm.

            Today I’m going to save you from identity theft.  What you need is a password that will foil the hackers once and for all.  My ingenious idea is to use words that almost nobody spells correctly.  Your hacker is a techno/math person, probably not a spelling bee champion, thus he will never be able to figure out whether Mediterranean has two Ts, two Rs, or both.  If you use two or three of these words strung together, you should be safe into the next century.
            Herewith my list of words most people struggle to spell. You will love it.  See if you can make a short phrase with them, add a few numbers and dollar signs, and you’re home free:
Memento  (How about Gandhi misspelled diarrhea, but left a memento?)

Caribbean (How about the liaison’s judgment was indispensable in the Caribbean?)

Consensus (How about the consensus was that the chauffeur assassinated the restaurateur?  Although that would have to be a pretty famous restaurateur.)

Acknowledge (I acknowledge that graffiti in a cemetery can be rather embarrassing.)

Here are some more that you can play with:  deductible, accommodate, harass, occurrence, committee, Fahrenheit, prerogative, mozzarella, irresistible, apparently, publicly, Medieval, existence, calendar, privilege, acknowledgment, noticeable, camaraderie, permissible, inadvertent, achieve, foreseeable, mischievous, independent, separate, commitment, and acceptable.
            Then again, just in case your hacker can spell, you can take these words and mangle them into spelling oblivion, and use variations he will never think of, like Fairunheight, Mid-evil, comroddery, or calennndar with three Ns.  And if you speak another language, oh my, you can make it kaksi kertaa niin vaikeaa.  That’s Finnish for twice as difficult.  No, I don’t really speak Finnish, but I’ll betcha the hackers don’t, either.
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