Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Make This for Tonight!

           Happy Valentine’s Day! No hilarious disasters to share today, just a fun idea for you to try. A bundt cake with a surprise inside!

I made one of these for the adorable kids across the street (the ones I have hijacked as my pretend grandkids). 

          There are lots of recipes online, but the one I used is super easy. I made it in a heart-shaped bundt pan.  First, you bake the pink part in a separate loaf pan, then slice it and cut out hearts with a cookie cutter. Nibble on the scraps, obviously.

Next, mix the white or, in my case, lemon cake batter. Pour a bit into a greased bundt pan, then top with hearts, point side up. 

Pour in the rest of the light batter and bake. 

                                                     Invert and let cool.

 I chose to drizzle it with cream cheese frosting, then sprinkles.  And I’m already thinking about other cookie cutter shapes I can use in future creations! 

          If you still need more Valentine ideas, check out my Youtube Mom videos. Just search for Youtube Joni Hilton Valentines.

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