Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Robots are Coming

           Meet Digit, the new robot Ford has introduced, to deliver your packages. It could replace all the folks who come to your door with your Amazon orders:

                   The techies who invented it are, naturally, very excited. The problem is that they don’t think like regular people. And, not to be Debbie Downer, but I can’t help wondering:


           What if Dobermans, Mastiffs, and other large dogs live in your neighborhood, see Digit as a threat, and come charging at him like a linebacker? I can see this very expensive robot suddenly airborne, then crashing to the ground and getting shaken to pieces.
           I can also see burglars kidnapping these, then re-programming them to enter your home (no face recognition problem) and steal whatever they’re told to find.

           What about glitches that make Digit take your package to the wrong house?  Or come back with any other packages lying there? And what about adolescent boys who enjoy pranks?  I envision a lasso tightening around Digit and then hefting him up into a tree. 

             I’m telling you, I need to be on the trouble-shooting team before we go romping off into the future without a reality check.

Speaking of checks, check out my Youtube Mom videos right here.

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  1. Or, what if these robots are re-tasked to make sure that every citizen has their booster shot or is staying indoors during a future lock down?