Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Doggone Crazy Timing

           Cancer is many things, but one thing people don’t always consider is that it's time consuming. You suddenly have an overwhelming number of appointments, phone calls, procedures, and paperwork to do. I say that as if you can now decide never to get it because of the hassle. I mean, who has time for all this, right?
          So I’m awaiting word of an upcoming appointment I need, when I get this message:

          For those who can’t see it, it’s a reminder to bring my RABIES CERTIFICATE (okay, in all fairness they did not capitalize it) to my upcoming appointment. 
          And I’m thinking, Seriously? Can I not just wallow in self-pity for two minutes?  The answer is no, I cannot. I have to endure ludicrous messages (some would say from the universe—the humor sector).
           And, of course, then I remember that I’m taking my dog in for a nail trimming and the message is from them. But it is not addressed to Mickey. Just saying.
However, should you actually contract Rabies, I imagine you’ll be looking for some great books to read as you recover.  Here are just a few of mine. Okay, all of them.

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