Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What Everybody Thinks

          You may have noticed a few divergent views in the world today. But I am here to remind you that there are four things EVERYBODY thinks.
Thing #1: Everyone thinks they know what’s funny.  It’s been said that if you want to compliment people, you can’t go wrong telling them they have a great sense of humor.  Because, even if someone is not personally funny, they truly believe that they know what is. 
We all know this isn’t actually true; we see people guffaw at truly unfunny things, predictable lines in movies, low-brow humor, even immature outbursts.  And we pity them.  But it’s because we really do know what’s funny.
Thing #2: Everyone thinks they have plenty of common sense.  Even the most badly behaving person you know will confess that they were blessed with good common sense.  It’s everyone else who’s a dope.
Voltaire reminded us that common sense is not so common, and while this is true, no one seems to believe it.  Everyone thinks they, in particular, have an abundance of this virtue.
Thing #3: Everyone thinks they know how to drive well.  They see other people making horrendous mistakes on the road, cutting folks off, running stop signs, and changing lanes without signaling.  But they, personally, are skilled drivers. 
No one ever goes into the Department of Motor Vehicles, turns in their license, and says, “I just can’t seem to get the hang of this.”
Thing #4: Everyone thinks they know best how to run the country. Mark Twain once said it’s too bad that the people who really know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair.  
I presume these same people think they have sharp senses of humor, loads of common sense, and can out-drive anyone else on the road.
And so you see that our nation is not so fractured, after all.  We will always agree on at least four things.
And I might add a fifth thing: That my books are a wonderful bargain!  Find them all right here.

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